A Journey of 1000 Verses..

May 15, 2016 07:54

I’s time to commence what is likely my final major editing pass on my project to translate the New Testament, begun over four decades ago. I like to think my English writing skills have developed over the decades, my Greek has continued to improve, and clarity about my translation philosophy continues to come into focus.

And technology has come a long way (my very first draft was typed on a manual typewriter, using ‘white out’ for corrections). For example, Unicode is finally ubiquitous, so anyone using a passably recent browser will see Greek (and Hebrew) text correctly. And my technical skills have come a long way as well: this project would have been virtually impossible using off-the-shelf tools like WordPress, Adobe Indesign or Dreamweaver, or even Pandoc, so I’ve written my own1.

Meanwhile, instead of doing this editing pass privately, I thought some readers might want to share the journey with me. And I look forward to feedback — this project can only benefit. This is also consistent with the idea of ‘get feedback and get it early’. (Which also means, however, that at this writing most glossary and appendix articles are still very skeletal.)

I envision this ‘final pass’ as being in two parts: the first in which I review what I have for obvious mistakes starting with John 1, then the other Gospels, then the rest of the NT — uploading all that to this website ASAP for public scrutiny. Then a second more stochastic pass in which I consider input from kindly readers and reconsider more problematic passages.

And so, the Gospel of John likely being the most popular book in the New Testament, let’s begin with its first chapter.

Wm. Zeitler

1 For example, I developed a ‘mark up’ language and Text compiler specifically for this New Testament project, which I’ve cleverly called ’z’ (after my last name ‘Zeitler’). Currently ‘z’ generates everything in the /nt folder — the Text, glossaries and appendices. Ultimately ’z’ will generate eBook and print versions as well.()