The 'Cotton Patch Gospels'

August 14, 2016 07:56

A major reason I undertook my own translation of the New Testament was a conviction that for the most part, the available modern translations and paraphrases seem to be about confirming the ’status quo’: "Yes, no worries, we basically have Scripture all figured out."

Me, I question whether we have ANYTHING figured out very well, whether that be Scripture, or the economy, or medicine, or global weather patterns, or most anything. As I first translated the New Testament in my 20s, my initial reaction was that: this IS and ISN’T what they told me it says. And so in my small humble way I have tried to ’open the aperture of my imagination’ where Scripture is concerned — for myself if no one else.

Since then I have discovered others who also can’t accept the status quo. A notable example is Clarence Jordan and his ’Cotton Patch Gospels’. You can find my blog about him here.