New Testament

 The Death of Iōannēs the Baptizer 

Matthew 14

In that opportune-timea Herodēs the tetrarchb heard the famec of Iēsous. 2 and he said to all his servantsd: This is Iōannēs the baptizer, he is risen from the dead, and because of this are powerse workingf in him. 3 For Herodēs having laid hold of Iōannēs, bound him and put him in prison because of Herodēsias the wife of Phillipos his brother. 4 For Iōannēs was saying to him: It is not allowed for you to be having her. 5 And wishing to kill him he feared the crowd, because they considered him a prophet. 6 So when Herodēs’s birthday came to pass Herodēsias’ daughter danced before them and pleased Herodēs. 7 And so with an oathg he promisedh to her to do whatever she would aski}. 8 So having been induced by her mother she told him, Give me here upon a plate the head of Iōannēs the baptizer. 9 And though the king was pained by the oathsg and those reclining at table with him, he ordered it be given her. 10 And having sent he beheaded Iōannēs in the prison. 11 And his head was brought upon a plate and given the girl, and she brought it to her mother. 12 And his disciplesj having come, they took the bodyk and buried him, and having come they reported it to Iēsous.

 The Feeding of the Five Thousand 

13 Now Iēsous having heard, he went out from there in a boat to a deserted-placel by himself. And when the crowd heard they followed him on foot from their cities. 14 And having come out he saw a great crowd, and had compassion on them and healed their sick. 15 Now when it became evening, the disciples came to him saying: This place is a desertl and the hour has already past. Therefore disperse the crowd so having gone into the towns they may buy themselves bread. 16 But Iēsous said to them: They have no need to be going. You give to them to be eating. 17 But they say to him: We do not have here but five loaves and two fish. 18 So he says: Be bringing them here to me. 19 And having ordered the crowd to lay back on the grass, taking the five loaves and the two fishes, looking up to heaven he gave thanks, and having broken them he gave to the disciples the loaves, and disciples gave them to the crowd. 20 And all ate and were filledm. And they took the surplus of the fragments, twelve baskets full. 21 And those eating were about five thousand menn apart from womeno and children.

 Walking on Water 

22 And he compelledp his disciplesj to embark in the boat and go to the other side, until he disperse the crowd. 23 And having dispersed the crowd he went up to a mountain by himself to pray. 24 Now the boat was already many stadionsq away from the land, being put to the test by the swells, for the wind was against them. 25 So in the fourth watchr of the night he came to them walking on the sea. 26 Now the disciples having seen him walking on the sea, they were frightened saying: It is a ghosts, and they screamed from fear. 27 But immediately Iēsous spoke to them saying: Take courage, It is I, Be not fearing. 28 But Petros answering said to him: Lord if it is you, order me to be coming to you on the water. 29 So he said: Come! And coming out of the boat Petros walked on the water and came towards Iēsous. 30 But seeing the strongA wind he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out saying: Lord, save me. 31 So immediately Iēsous having stretched out his hand laid hold of him, and says to him: O little-faith, why did you doubtt? 32 And when they came into the boat the wind abated. 33 And those in the boat worshipped him saying: Truly you are the son of God.

 The Healing of the Sick in Gennesaret 

34 And having come to the other side they went on the land to Gennēsaret. 35 And the men of that place having knowledge of him, they sent into all that surrounding region, and brought to him all those having it badlyu, 36 And they were calling out to him in order that they only graspv the hem of his robe; and whoever graspedv it was deliveredw.

a KAIROS/καιρός: opportune time. See the Glossary: KAIROS/καιρός(↩1)

b TETRARChĒS/τετράρχης: tetrarch, a ruler of a region, subordinate to a king. See the Glossary: TETRARChĒS/τετράρχης(↩1)

c AKOĒ/ἀκοή: report, news, preaching; ear(s); hearing, listening. See the Glossary: AKOUŌ/ἀκούω(↩1)

d PAIS/παῖς: child; slave, servant. See the Glossary: PAIS/παῖς(↩2)

e DUNAMIS/δύναμις: power, or demonstration thereof (a miracle). See the Glossary: DUNAMIS/δύναμις(↩2)

f ENERGEŌ/ἐνεργέω: to work. See the Glossary: ENERGEŌ/ἐνεργέω(↩2)

g ORKOS/ὅρκος: oath. See the Glossary: ORKOS/ὅρκος(↩7, 9)

h hOMOLOGEŌ/ὁμολογέω: promise; agree; confess. See the Glossary: hOMOLOGEŌ/ὁμολογέω(↩7)

i AITEŌ/αἰτέω: ‘ask’ more insistently (vs. ERŌTAŌ/ἐρωτάω: ask more respectfully). See the Semantic Domain: Ask.(↩7)

j MAThĒTĒS/μαθητής: disciple, student, follower. See the Glossary: MANThANŌ/μανθάνω(↩12, 22)

k SŌMA/σῶμα: body. See the Glossary: SŌMA/σῶμα(↩12)

l ERĒMOS/ἔρημος: deserted. See the Glossary: ERĒMOS/ἔρημος(↩13, 15)

m ChORTAZŌ/χορτάζω: to fill [with food]; to be satisfied. See the Glossary: ChORTAZŌ/χορτάζω(↩20)

n ANĒR/ἀνήρ: man, husband. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩21)

o GUNĒ/γυνή: woman, wife. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩21)

p ANAGKAZŌ/ἀναγκάζω: compel. See the Glossary: ANAGKAZŌ/ἀναγκάζω(↩22)

q A stadion is approximately 1/8 mile (192 meters). See the Glossary: STADION/στάδιον(↩24)

r PhULAKĒ/φυλακή: prison; watch of the night; haunt, lair. See the Glossary: PhULAKĒ/φυλακή(↩25)

s PhANTASMA/φάντασμα: apparition, ghost. See the Glossary: PhANTASMA/φάντασμα(↩26)

t Or “Why were you at a loss?”(↩31)

u KAKŌS/κακῶς: badly, severely, ‘have it badly’: be sick. See the Glossary: KAKOS/κακός(↩35)

v APTŌ/ἅπτω: ignite; touch, grasp; harm. APTŌ/ἅπτω suggests more than barely touching someone with the tip of one finger. See the Glossary: APTŌ/ἅπτω(↩36)

w DIASŌZŌ/διασῴζω: to deliver, rescue. See the Glossary: SŌZŌ/σῴζω(↩36)

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A “strong” DWK; omit: אB(↩30)

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