New Testament

 The Tradition of the Elders 

Matthew 15

Then came to Iēsous from Hierosoluma Pharisees and scribes saying: 2 Why do your disciples transgressa the traditions of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat bread. 3 But answering he said to them: And why do you transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition? 4 For God said: Honor your father and your mother, and, The one speaking evil of father or mother shall be brought-to-the-endb by death. 5 But you say: Whoever should say to his father or mother, That thing by which you may have profited by me is a giftc to God, 6 he should notd honor his fatherA. And you make-voide the wordfB of God by your tradition. 7 Hypocrites, well did Ēsaias prophesy concerning you when he saysg:

8 This people honorsh me with their lips
But their heart holds off from me afar
9 In-vaini they worship me
Teaching as ‘Teachings’
the commandments of people

10 And calling out to the crowd he said to them: Be hearing and be understanding: 11 Not what enters into the mouth defiles the personk, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles the personk.

12 Then the disciplesa came to him saying to him: Do you know that when the Pharisees heard the statement they were stumbledl? 13 But answering he said: Every plant that my heavenly father did not plant will be rooted up. 14 Let them bem. They are blind guides C. But if blind guide blind, both will fall into the pit. 15 But Petros answering said to him: Explain to us the parable. 16 But he said: Are you also still without understanding? 17 Don’t you know that everything entering the mouth proceeds into the belly and is expelled into the latrine? 18 But the things coming out of the mouth proceed out of the heart, and these defile the personk. 19 For out of the heart proceed wicked reasonings, murders, adulteries, fornicationsn, thefts, false witnessings, slanderso, 20 these are the things defiling the personk. But to be eating with unwashed hands does not defile the personk.

 The Chananaios Women’s Faith 

21 And when Iēsous went out from there he withdrew to the region of Turos and Sidon. 22 And behold a Chananaios woman from the region came crying out saying: Have mercy on me, Lord, son of Dabid, my daughter is badlyp demon possessed. 23 But he did not answer her a wordf. And his disciplesa came to him askingq him saying: Get rid of her, because she cries out after us. 24 But answering he said: I was not sent except to the lost sheep of Israēl. 25 But the one who came knelt before him saying: Lord, help me. 26 But answering he said: It is not good to take the children’s bread and to throw it to the dogs. 27 But she said: Yes, Lord, yet the dogs eat of the crumbs falling from the lord’s table. 28 Then Iēsous answering her said: O woman, great is your faith. Letr it now come to pass for you as you wish.

 The Healing of Many People 

29 And when he passed over from there Iēsous came by the sea of Galilaia, and having gone up to the mountain he sat there. 30 And many crowds came to him having with them crippled, deformed, blind, mute, and many others, and they laid them at his feet, and he healed them, 31 so that when the crowd saw, they marveled that mute were speaking, and crippled walking, and blind seeing, and they glorified the God of Israēl.

 Feeding the Four Thousand 

32 But when Iēsous summoned his disciples he said: I have compassions on the crowd, because already three days they remain with me and do not have anything to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, lest they give out in the road. 33 And the disciplesa said to him: Where in the desertt is for us so much bread so as to fill such a crowd? 34 And Iēsous says to them: How many loaves do you have? And they said: Seven, and a few little fish. 35 And when he instructed the crowd to recline on the ground, 36 he took the loaves and the fish, and when he gave thanks he broke them, and gave them to the disciplesa, and the disciplesa gave them to the crowds. 37 And they all ate and were filled and they collected the surplus of the fragments, seven baskets full. 38 But those eating were four thousand menu, apart from womenv and children. 39 And when he sent the crowd away he embarked in a boat, and went to the hill country Magadan.

a MAThĒTĒS/μαθητής: disciple, student, follower. See the Glossary: MANThANŌ/μανθάνω(↩2, 12, 23, 33, 36)

b TELEUTAŌ/τελευτάω: come to the end; die. See the Glossary: TELEIOS/τέλειος(↩4)

c DŌRON/δῶρον. Gift, offering. See the Glossary: DŌREA/δωρεά(↩5)

d Double negative, indicating emphasis.(↩6)

e AKUROŌ/ἀκυρόω: make void. See the Glossary: AKUROŌ/ἀκυρόω(↩6)

f LOGOS/λόγος: word. See the Glossary: LOGOS/λόγος(↩6, 23)

g Isa.29:13(↩7)

h TIMAŌ/τιμάω: to honor. See the Glossary: TIMAŌ/τιμάω(↩8)

i MATĒN/μάτην: in vain, futilely. See the Glossary: MATĒN/μάτην(↩9)

j That is, Teachings of God(↩9)

k ANThRŌPOS/ἄνθρωπος: humanity in general — not gender specific. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩9, 11, 18, 20)

l SKANDALIZŌ/σκανδαλίζω: cause to stumble. See the Glossary: SKANDALIZŌ/σκανδαλίζω(↩12)

m or “Send them away,” “Tolerate them.”(↩14)

n PORNEIA/πορνεία: fornication. See the Glossary: PORNEIA/πορνεία(↩19)

o BLASPhĒMIA/βλασφημία: slander, defamation, especially against God. See the Glossary: BLASPhĒMIA/βλασφημία(↩19)

p KAKŌS/κακῶς: badly, severely, ‘have it badly’: be sick. See the Glossary: KAKOS/κακός(↩22)

q ERŌTAŌ/ἐρωτάω: ‘ask’ more respectfully (vs. AITEŌ/αἰτέω: ask more insistently). See the Semantic Domain: Ask.(↩23)

r Third person imperative.(↩28)

s SPLAGChNIZOMA/σπλαγχνίζομαι: to be moved with compassion. See the Glossary: SPLAGChNIZOMA/σπλαγχνίζομαι(↩32)

t ERĒMIA/ἐρημία: desert, wilderness. See the Glossary: ERĒMOS/ἔρημος(↩33)

u ANĒR/ἀνήρ: man, husband. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩38)

v GUNĒ/γυνή: woman, wife. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩38)

✣  ✣  ✣

A add: “or mother” K most; omit it: אBD few(↩6)

B “word” BD; “law” א; “commandment” WK vulgate(↩6)

C add “of the blind” KW vulgate ; text: אBD few(↩14)

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