New Testament

 The Greatest in the Kingdom 

Matthew 18

In that hour the disciples came to Iēsous saying: Who then is greater in the kingdom of the heavens? 2 And when he called a childa he stood him in their midst 3 and said: Truly I say to you, unless you turnb and become like childrena, you will not enter into the kingdom of the heavens. 4 Whoever therefore humblesc himself as this childa, this is the greater in the kingdom of the heavens. 5 And whoever receives one such childa in my name receives me.

 Temptations to Sin 

6 But whoever stumblesd one of these little ones believing in me, it is better for him that a millstonee be hung around his neck and he be sunk in the depths of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of thosef causing stumblingg. It is necessary for stumblingg to come, nevertheless woe to the personh through whom comes the stumblingg. 8 But if your hand or your foot causes you to stumbled, cut it off and throw it from you. It is better for you to enter into zōē-lifei crippled or deformed than having two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eternal fire. 9 And if your eye causes you to stumble, tear it out and throw it from you. It is better for you to enter into zōē-lifei one-eyed than having two eyes to be thrown into the Gehenna of firej.

 The Parable of the Lost Sheep 

10 Be seeing that you do not despise one of these little ones, For I say to you that their angels in the heavens always see the face of my father in the heavens. 11 For the son of humanityh came to savek the lostl.A

12 How does it seem to you? If it should come to pass to a certain personh one hundred sheep and one of them gone astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and having gone seek the one gone astray? 13 And if it come to pass he finds it, truly I say to you that he rejoices upon it more than upon the ninety-nine that had not gone astray. 14 Thus it is not a wish before your father in the heavens that one of these little ones be lostl.

 A Brother Who Sins 

15 But if your brother sinsm, go tell him between you and him only. If he hears you, you have won your brother. 16 But if he not hear you, take along with you yet one or two, that on the mouth of two or three witnesses might stand every word. 17 But if he not hear them, speak to the assemblyn. And if he refuse to hear the assemblyn, he must be to you as the gentile and the tax-gatherer.

18 Truly I say to you, whatever you bindo on the earth will have been boundo in heaven, and whatever you loosep on the earth will have been loosedp in heaven. 19 Again I truly say to you that if two among you be in agreement on the earth concerning any matter that they askq, it will come to pass from my father in the heavens. 20 For when two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst.

 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant 

21 Then Petros having come he said to him: Lord, how often will my brother sinm against me and I forgiver him? Until seven? 22 Iēsous says to him: I do not say to you until seven, but seventy seven times.s

23 Because of this the kingdom of the heavens is like to a personh who is king, who wished to settle accountst with his slaves. 24 So when he began to be settling them, there was brought to him a debtoru of ten thousand talantsv. 25 And not having them to pay, the lord ordered him to be sold and his wife and his children and all that he has for payment. 26 The slave therefore falling down knelt before him saying: Be patient with me, and I will pay all to you. 27 And the lord having compassionw on this slave loosedx him, and forgaver him the loan. 28 So when that slave went out he found one of his fellow-slaves, which owed him a hundred denariy, and laying hold he was choking him saying: Pay what you owe! 29 Falling down therefore his fellow-slave knelt before him saying: Be patient with me and I will pay you. 30 But he did not wish to, but having departed, threw him into prison until he pay what he owedz. 31 His fellow-slaves therefore seeing what came to pass were greatly troubled, and having come, reported to their lord all that came to pass. 32 Then when his lord called him he said to him: Wickedaa slave, all this debt I allowed you because you called upon me. 33 Mustn’t you also have mercy on your fellow-slave as I also had mercy on you? 34 And having been angered, his lord gave him over to the torturerab until he pay all his debt to him. 35 Thus also your heavenly father will do to you, if each of you does not forgiver his brother from your hearts.

a PAIDION/παιδίον: a child, normally pre-adolescent. See the Glossary: PAIDION/παιδίον(↩2, 3, 4, 5)

b STREPhŌ/στρέφω: to turn. See the Glossary: STREPhŌ/στρέφω(↩3)

c TAPEINOŌ/ταπεινόω: to humble oneself. See the Glossary: TAPEINOS/ταπεινός(↩4)

d SKANDALIZŌ/σκανδαλίζω: cause to stumble. See the Glossary: SKANDALIZŌ/σκανδαλίζω(↩6, 8)

e ONIKOS/ὀνικός: pertaining to a donkey, or the millstone that a donkey turned. See the Glossary: ONIKOS/ὀνικός(↩6)

f can also mean “those things”(↩7)

g SKANDALON/σκάνδαλον: stumbling block. See the Glossary: SKANDALIZŌ/σκανδαλίζω(↩7)

h ANThRŌPOS/ἄνθρωπος: humanity in general — not gender specific. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩7, 11, 12, 23)

i ZOĒ/ζωή: life more generally/collectively (vs. PsUChĒ/ψυχή: life as an individual consciousness). See the Semantic Domain: Life.(↩8, 9)

j GEENNA/γέεννα: Gehenna. the Semantic Domain: Hell.(↩9)

k SŌZŌ/σῴζω; to save. See the Glossary: SŌZŌ/σῴζω(↩11)

l APOLLUMI/ἀπόλλυμι: destroy, kill, lose. See the Glossary: APOLLUMI/ἀπόλλυμι(↩11, 14)

m hAMARTANŌ/ἁμαρτάνω: to sin. See the Glossary: hAMARTIA/ἁμαρτία(↩15, 21)

n EKKLĒSIA/ἐκκλησία: assembly, congregation, church. See the Glossary: EKKLĒSIA/ἐκκλησία(↩17)

o DEŌ/δέω: to bind. See the Glossary: DEŌ/δέω(↩18)

p LUŌ/λύω: loosen. See the Glossary: LUŌ/λύω(↩18)

q AITEŌ/αἰτέω: ‘ask’ more insistently (vs. ERŌTAŌ/ἐρωτάω: ask more respectfully). See the Semantic Domain: Ask.(↩19)

r APhIĒMI/ἀφίημι: bid farewell. See the Glossary: APOTASSŌ/ἀποτάσσω(↩21, 27, 35)

s Or seventy times seven — the Greek is ambiguous.(↩22)

t LOGOS/λόγος: word. See the Glossary: LOGOS/λόγος(↩23)

u OPhEILETĒS/ὀφειλέτης: debtor. See the Glossary: OPhEILĒ/ὀφειλή(↩24)

v TALENTON/τάλαντον: a talant, a unit of money of varying but always enormous value. See the Semantic Domain: Units of Money(↩24)

w SPLAGChNIZOMA/σπλαγχνίζομαι: to be moved with compassion. See the Glossary: SPLAGChNIZOMA/σπλαγχνίζομαι(↩27)

x APOLUŌ/ἀπολύω: to set free. See the Glossary: LUŌ/λύω(↩27)

y DĒNARION/δηνάριον: a denarius, approximately one day’s wages. See the Semantic Domain: Units of Money(↩28)

z OPhEILŌ/ὀφείλω: owe. See the Glossary: OPhEILĒ/ὀφειλή(↩30)

aa PONĒROS/πονηρός: evil, rotten. See the Glossary: PONĒROS/πονηρός(↩32)

ab BASANISTĒS/βασανιστής: torturer, jailer (frequently one and the same in those days). See the Glossary: BASANOS/βάσανος(↩34)

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A vs. 11: DWK vulgate few; omit vs. 11: אB(↩11)

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