New Testament

Matthew 21

And when they drew near to Hierosoluma and came to Bēthphagē to the Mount of Olives, then Iēsous sent two disciples, 2 Saying to them, Be going into the village opposite you and straightway you will find an ass tied and a colt with her. Having loosed them bring them to me. 3 And if anyone say anything to you, say that: The lord has need of them. And immediately he sent them. 4 And this is come to pass in order that what was spoken through the prophet be fulfilleda when he says:

5 Say to the daughter of Siōn
Behold her king comes to her
Gentleb and riding on an ass
And upon a colt, the foal of an ass.

6 And the disciples having gone and having done as Iēsous directed them, 7 they brought the ass and the colt, and placed on them their garments, and he sat upon them. 8 And a very great crowd spread their garments in the way, others cut branches from the trees and spread them in the way. 9 And the crowd going before him and following were crying out sayingc:

Hosannad to the son of Dabid
Blessede is he coming in the name of the Lord
Hosannad in the highest.

10 And when he entered into Hierosoluma the entire city shook saying: Who is this? 11 And the crowd was saying: This is the prophet Iēsous from Nazareth of Galilaia.

12 And Iēsous entered into the temple, and threw out all those selling and buying in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the seats of those selling doves, 13 And he says to them: It is written: My house will be called a house of prayer, but you make it a den of thieves.

14 And the blind and lame came to him in the temple, and he healed them. 15 But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonders that he did and the children crying out in the temple and saying: Hosannad to the son of Dabid, they were indignant, 16 and said to him: Do you hear what these say? And Iēsous says to them: Yes, Have you never read thatf:

Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants I will prepare praiseg?

17 And leaving them he went out of the city to Bethany and spent the night there.

18 Now returning to the city early, he hungered. 19 And seeing one fig tree on the road he came to it, and found nothing on it except leaves only, and he says to it: No longer shall fruit grow on you for eternityh. And immediately the fig tree withered. 20 And when the disciples saw they marveled saying: How is the fig tree immediately withered? 21 Iēsous answering said to them: Truly I say to you, If you have beliefi and do not doubt, not only this of the fig tree will you do, but if you say to this mountain: Be taken and be thrown into the sea, it will come to pass. 22 And everything that you askj in prayer, believing, you will receive.

23 And when he came into the temple, while he was teaching the chief priests and the elders of the people came to him saying: By what authorityk do you do these things? And who gave this authorityk to you? 24 And answering Iēsous said to them: And I will askl you one wordm that if you tell me, I also will tell you by what authorityk I do these things: 25 Whence was Iōannēs the Baptizer? From heaven or from humanityn? And they considered among themselves saying: If we say: From heaven, he will say to us: Why then did you not believe him? 26 But if we say: From humanityn, we fear the crowd, for all hold Iōannēs as prophet. 27 And answering Iēsous they said: We do not know. And he says to them: Neither do I tell you by what authorityk I do these things.

28 But how does it seem to you? a personn had two sons. Coming to the first he said: Son, be going today, be working in the vineyard. 29 But answering he says: I will not, but later having regrettingo it he went. 30 Coming to the second he said likewise. And answering he said: I will, lord, and went not. 31 Which of the two did the will of his father? They say: The first. Iēsous says to them: Truly I say to you that the tax-collectors and the prostitutes will precede you into the kingdom of God. 32 For Iōannēs came to you in the way of justicep and you believed him not, but the tax-collectors and the prostitutes believed him. But you when you saw neither repented later that you might believe in him.

33 Hear another parable. There was a personn who was lord of the house who planted a vineyard and built a fence around it, and dug a winepress in it and built a tower and leased it to vinedressers and went on a journey. 34 Now when the timeq of the fruits drew near, he sent his slavesr to the vinedressers to be taking his fruit. 35 And taking his slavesr the vinedressers beat one and killed another and stoned another. 36 Again he sent other slavesr more than the first, and they did to them likewise. 37 And later he sent to them his son saying: They will respect my son. 38 But the vinedressers seeing the son said among themselves: This is the heir. Come let us kill him and we will have his inheritance. 39 And taking him they threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. 40 When therefore the lord of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those vinedressers? 41 They say to him: He will badlys destroyt those badu ones, and he will lease the vineyard to other vinedressers, who give him the fruits in their own seasonsq. 42 Iēsous says to them: Have you never read in the scripturesv:

The stone that the builders rejected
This became the head of the cornerstones.
By the Lord this came to pass
And is a wonder in our eyes.

43 Because of this I say to you that the kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation producing the fruits of it. 44 And the one falling on this stone will be dashed to pieces, and upon whom it falls, it will crush him.A 45 And when the chief priests and the scribes heard his parable they kneww that he speaks concerning them. 46 And though seeking to lay hold of him, they feared the crowds, because they were holding him as prophet.

a PLĒROŌ/πληρόω: to fill, fulfill. See the Glossary: PLĒROŌ/πληρόω(↩4)

b PRAUS/πραΰς: humble. See the Glossary: PRAUS/πραΰς(↩5)

c Ps.118:25–26(↩9)

d hŌSANNA/ὡσαννά: Hosanna. See the Glossary: hŌSANNA/ὡσαννά(↩9, 15)

e EULOGEŌ/εὐλογέω: to praise. From εὐ/EU (well) + λογος (word). See the Glossary: LOGOS/λόγος(↩9)

f Ps.8:2(↩16)

g AINOS/αἶνος: praise. See the Glossary: AINEŌ/αἰνέω(↩16)

h AIŌN/αἰών: age, eon. See the Glossary: AIŌN/αἰών(↩19)

i PISTIS/πίστις: belief, trust. See the Glossary: PEITHW/πείθω(↩21)

j AITEŌ/αἰτέω: ‘ask’ more insistently (vs. ERŌTAŌ/ἐρωτάω: ask more respectfully). See the Semantic Domain: Ask.(↩22)

k EXOUSIA/ἐξουσία: authority. See the Glossary: EXOUSIA/ἐξουσία(↩23, 24, 27)

l ERŌTAŌ/ἐρωτάω: ‘ask’ more respectfully (vs. AITEŌ/αἰτέω: ask more insistently). See the Semantic Domain: Ask.(↩24)

m LOGOS/λόγος: word. See the Glossary: LOGOS/λόγος(↩24)

n ANThRŌPOS/ἄνθρωπος: humanity in general — not gender specific. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩25, 26, 28, 33)

o METAMELOMAI/μεταμέλομαι: to regret. See the Glossary: METAMELOMAI/μεταμέλομαι(↩29)

p DIKAIOSUNĒ/δικαιοσύνη: justice, fairness. See the Glossary: DIKĒ/δίκη(↩32)

q KAIROS/καιρός: opportune time. See the Glossary: KAIROS/καιρός(↩34, 41)

r DOULOS/δοῦλος: slave. See the Glossary: DOULOS/δοῦλος(↩34, 35, 36)

s KAKŌS/κακῶς: badly, severely, ‘have it badly’: be sick. See the Glossary: KAKOS/κακός(↩41)

t APOLLUMI/ἀπόλλυμι: destroy, kill, lose. See the Glossary: APOLLUMI/ἀπόλλυμι(↩41)

u KAKOS/κακός: evil, bad, wrong. See the Glossary: KAKOS/κακός(↩41)

v Ps.118:22(↩42)

w GINŌSKŌ/γινώσκω: to know, in a direct or firsthand manner. See the Glossary: GNŌSIS/γνῶσις(↩45)

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A include vs 44: אBWK vulgate; omit vs 44: D(↩44)

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