New Testament

 The Temptation of Iēsous 

Matthew 4


hen Iēsous was led into the wilderness by the spirit to be tested by the Devila. 2 And having fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterwards hungry. 3 And the one testing him having come, he said to him: If you are the son of God, speak in order that these stones become bread. 4 But answering he said: It is writtenb:

Humanity does not zōē-livec on bread alone, but also on every word coming from the mouth of God.

5 Then the Devila takes him to the holy city, and placed him on the pinnacle of the temple. 6 And he says to him: If you are the son of God, throw yourself down, for it is writtend that:

He will command his angels concerning you
And in their hands they will carry you
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

7 Iēsous said to him: Again it is writtenb:

You will not test the Lord your God.

8 Again the Devila takes him to a very high mountain, and shows to him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, 9 and says to him: All these I will give to you if, having fallen down, you will worshipe me. 10 Then Iēsous says to him: Be departingA, Satan, for it is writtenf:

You will worshipe the Lord your God and him only will you serveg.

11 Then the Devila left him, and behold angels came and servedh him.

 The Beginning of the Galilean Ministry 

12 But having heard that Iōannēs had been delivered up, he withdrew into Galilaia.

13 And having left Nazara, having come he dwelt in Kapharnaoum by the sea in the environs of Zaboulōn and Nephthalim, 14 in order that what was said through Ēsaias the prophet be fulfilledi sayingj:

15 Land of Zaboulōn and land of Nephthalim,
Of the nations,
roadk of the sea,
Across the Iordanēs, Galilaia:
16 The peoplel sitting in darkness saw a great light,
And to those sitting in the land and darkness of death a light has arisen for them.

17 From then on Iēsous began preaching and saying: Be repentingm, for the kingdom of the heavens is at hand.

 The Calling of Four Fishermen 

18 So walking by the sea of Galilaia he saw two brothers, Simōn the one called Petros and Andreas his brother, throwing a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. 19 And he says to them: Come after me, and I will make you fishers of peoplen. 20 And immediately having left their nets, they followed him. 21 And proceeding on from there they saw another two brothers, Iakōbos the son of Zebedaios and Iōannēs his brother in their boat with Zebedaios their father repairing their nets, and he called them. 22 And immediately having left their nets and father, they followed him.

 Ministering to a Great Multitude 

23 And he went around in all of Galilaia, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the good-news of the kingdom and healing all sicknesso and all weaknessp among the peoplel. 24 And the report of him came into all Suria, and brought to him were all those having it badlyq: those afflicted by various sicknesseso and tormentsr, those demon possessed and those lunatics, and those paralytict, and he healed them. 25 And great multitudes from Galilaia and Decapolisu and Hierosoluma and Ioudaia and from across the Iordanēs followed him.

a DIABOLOS/διάβολος. See the Semantic Domain: Devil/Satan.(↩1, 5, 8, 11)

b Deut. 8:3(↩4, 7)

c ZOĒ/ζωή: life more generally/collectively (vs. PsUChĒ/ψυχή: life as an individual consciousness). See the Semantic Domain: Life.(↩4)

d Ps.91:11-12, but note the whole passage: “For He shall give His angels charge over thee, To keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, Lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” [KJV](↩6)

e PROSKUNEŌ/προσκυνέω: worship. See the Glossary: PROSKUNEŌ/προσκυνέω(↩9, 10)

f Deut. 11:3–4(↩10)

g LATREUŌ/λατρεύω: render religious service. See the Glossary: LATREUŌ/λατρεύω(↩10)

h DIAKONEŌ/διακονέω: to serve. See the Glossary: DIKAONOS/διάκονος and the Semantic Domain: Slave/Servant.(↩11)

i PLĒROŌ/πληρόω: to fill, fulfill. See the Glossary: PLĒROŌ/πληρόω(↩14)

j Isa.9:1,2(↩14)

k hODOS/ὁδός: road, way, journey. See the Glossary: hODOS/ὁδός(↩15)

l LAOS/LAOS/λαός: a subset of humanity: ‘a people’. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩16, 23)

m METANOEŌ/μετανοέω: change one’s mind, repent. See the Glossary: METANOEŌ/μετανοέω(↩17)

n ANThRŌPOS/ἄνθρωπος: humanity in general — not gender specific. See the Semantic Domain: Man/Woman/Humanity.(↩19)

o NOSOS/νόσος: sickness. See the Glossary: NOSOS/νόσος(↩23, 24)

p MALAKIA/μαλακία: weakness. See the Glossary: MALAKIA/μαλακία(↩23)

q KAKŌS/κακῶς: badly, severely, ‘have it badly’: be sick. See the Glossary: KAKOS/κακός(↩24)

r BASANOS/βάσανος: torment, pain. See the Glossary: BASANOS/βάσανος(↩24)

s SELĒNIAZOMAI/σεληνιάζομαι: ‘moonstruck’ In the ancient world this the term for ‘epileptic’. See the Glossary: SELĒNIAZOMAI/σεληνιάζομαι(↩24)

t PARALUTIKOS/παραλυτικός: paralyzed. See the Glossary: PARALUTIKOS/παραλυτικός(↩24)

u i.e. “The Ten Cities.” Decapolis is the name given in the Bible and by ancient writers to a region in Palestine lying to the east and south of the Sea of Galilaia. It took its name from the confederation of ten cities that dominated the area.(↩25)

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A “Be departing” אBW vulgate ; “Be departing behind me” DK(↩10)

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