New Testament

MELOMAI/μέλομαι: to be a cause of concern

 MELOMAI/μέλομαι (verb) 


  1. be an object of care, be a cause of concern

All occurrences of MELOMAI/μέλομαι in the NT:
Strong#: 3199
Occurrences: 10

Matt 22:16And they sent to him their disciples with those of Herodēs saying: Teacher, we know you are true and you teach the way of God in truth, and are anxious toward no one, for you do not see people at face-value
Mark 4:38And he himself was in the stern upon the cushion sleeping. And they rouse him and say to him: Teacher, is it of no concern to you that we are perishing?
Mark 12:14And having come they to him, Teacher, we know that you are true and it is not a worry for you concerning anyone; for you do not regard the appearance of people, but in truth you teach the way of God; Is it allowed to give the poll-tax to Caesar or not? Should we give or not give it?
Luke 10:40Now Martha was overburdened concerning much service. So having stood before him she said: Lord, doesn’t it matter to you that my only sister abandons me to the serving? Speak therefore to her that she help me.
John 10:13he flees because he is a hired-hand and the sheep are not a concern to him.
John 12:6But he said this not because he was concerned with the poor, but because he was a thief, and having the money box he was taking up for himself the money thrown in.
Acts 18:17But all having taken Sosthenes, the chief of the synagogue, they were beating him before the judgment seat; and none of this was a concern to Gallius.
1Cor 7:21Were you called a slave? Let it not be a care to you. But if you are able to become free, rather make use of it.
1Cor 9:9For in the law of Mōsēs it is written: You will not muzzle the threshing ox. Doesn’t God care for the ox?
1Pet 5:7casting all your anxieties upon him, because he cares for you.